The sheer amount of information available to you as a business owner can often add to the overwhelm of all the things you already think you *have* to be doing.

Here I share a highly curated edit of books, podcasts, videos, tools, resources and recommendations that have changed how I live and work as a founder for the better. My guiding principle is that if it has helped me feel better and improved my mental wellbeing - it's on this page.

Please note, this page contains affiliate links, which means that if you like what you see and make a purchase via the link, then I may earn a small commission.



  • Helping you to optimise your physical and mental wellbeing through evidence-based science and nutrition advice.

    Zoe Science & Nutrition 
  • Practical tips on how you can take small steps every day to improve your overall health. This is health simplified.

    Feel Better, Live More 
  • Listen to this if you want to feel like you are listening to your funniest friends share their parenting woes!

    Parenting Hell