Media & Speaking

Now 17 years into my entrepreneurial journey, I love to share my story as a founder, my experience handling failure and managing mental health as an entrepreneur, and my insight as an investor on the early-stage investment landscape. As a regular public speaker, podcaster and media commentator I am to educate and inspire others to explore the path of entrepreneurship and raising investment whilst maintaining their mental health.

"I learned more about finance listening to Helena than I have in the last 3 years of trying to access this kind of help. And as a creative female founder, with no background in business, it was extremely refreshing. If only Helena was on prescription to all businesses at the start of their journey!"

I share my insights on entrepreneurship, mental wellbeing and life as a working mother and investor with over 108,000 people across TikTok and Instagram. To find out more about working with me on brand partnerships and UGC content creation for social media please get in touch.